Sinisa Pavleski


- 17 years experience in Macedonian post
- Extensive knowledge of XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8, Windows Server 2003/2008, Active Directory, Exchange Server, MS Office, Several Anti-Virus programs
- Performed all routine and non-routine PC/Server management including disk space utilization, backups/restores, anti-virus/spy-ware elimination, storage device maintenance, user accounts, email and access to various applications
- Responsible for providing the desktop system administration and support to the network.
- Ensure the compatibility of the hardware and software of the system by determining it.
- Troubleshoot user accounts and group permissions using Active Directory
- Configure the IP, and the DNS address settings to connect to the Data warehouse.
- Create User accounts using Active Directory and assign role based permission and place them in appropriate groups.
- Manage the Local Area Network and troubleshooting LAN connectivity problems.
- Conduct audits on existing software to verify authorized use and possible viruses.
- Perform periodic software and OS upgrades/patches for Windows Server and Workstation
- Strong analytical and problem solving skills, tested, validated throughout the career.
- Excellent organizational, communication, interpersonal and management skills
- Ability to work under time constraints and adapt to change
- Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, basic German and Macedonian



- Coordinate hardware and software installations and upgrades to ensure work is performed in accordance with company policy - Analyze, log, track and complex software and hardware matters of significance pertaining to networking connectivity issues, printer, server and application to meet business needs - Assisted in hardware installation and maintenance of workstations, servers, networking equipment, and other supporting hardware - Performed user account creation, deletion and configuration. - Providing support in clustered environment on Microsoft Exchange 2003 server - Performed occasional off-hours and remote support - Coordinate and monitor troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common system problems: document system events to ensure continuous functioning - Advanced ability (building and configuring machines, hardware troubleshooting). - Expert in Windows server 2000/ 2003, NT4.0, Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP - Maintaining and Creating Documentation for ITIL (ISO 20000) - E-mail Support (Microsoft Exchange and UNIX) - Installing and Deploying Antivirus Programs for entire net of Macedonian post - Designed web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements - Created and developed Web Pages for the users of Internet Services - Source, select and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout of the Web site - Performed Web-Server backup and recovery operations - Modified Web Pages, applets and scripts and daily up-dates on Macedonian Post Web Site - Evaluated and install computer hardware, networking software and operating system software - Provide problem-solving services and training to network users - Consulted user guides, technical manuals and other documents to research and implement solutions

skills used:

Macedonian post

decisions, ideas and results

skills used: CorelDRAW, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Dreamweaver, Flash, Frontpage, AfterEffects, Flash, Image Ready, Logo Design

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within G.Petrov.
Within Macedonia.
Within Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract