Paul Smith

Software developer working in the beauty, dating and freelance industries.


Software Engineer with experience in Build Management. 3rd line Technical Support for major UK internet site, including 24/7 operational cover. Knowledge of all major OS platforms. ITIL trained with over 4 years working within ITIL environment. Proficient in many software languages. Development experience in a number of languages and environments.

Java development, LAMP web development, Systems engineering and support, Build Management, Performance Testing.


Posted by Dan Winchester (Founder),

Written testimonial:
Paul is an excellent all round senior developer who can turn his hand to pretty much any challenge he encounters. He is fast and accurate, and gets the balance between speed of deployment and robust, well engineered code spot on.


Complete site rewrite, porting old pages to new framework. Site redesign, ditching the tried and tested since 1999 design.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Html, JavaScript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Weymouth.
Within Dorset.
Can telecommute.

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