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My recent work includes creating responsive design, developing backend systems with automated alerts and emails, creating reporting infographics and animations.
I do research on Digital Image processing methods particularly mitigating noise caused by small bright particles. I also play cricket in Summer.

My work involves websites, coding, algorithms and data structures. I use JQuery, wordpress, Asp.net MVC, Web API, javascript and many associated libraries. I contribute to open source on github and bitbucket.


Posted by daniel clarke (creative director), devote associates

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Farrukh is a very proficient developer who always provides the highest level of service to all projects sent his way

Pricing is affordable and turnaround time as per the jobs requirements

Highly recommended


Various IOS Development


Working from design to development and then launch and support. We continue to develop many internal and public apps. Recent markets covered are logistics, property, reporting and education. Some of these apps integrate with your network, local databases including mysql, MS SQL and cloud based database servers as well. There is a a small sample of apps on appstore to show what we do for public and most of these are free apps. Skill list is a bit limited so we do native as well as phonegap based development.

skills used: javascript , CSS, jQuery



Andorid Development. Apps for Logistics, Property, e-commerce and small games. These are only small number of apps on appstore we specially develop and provide continuous delivery of apps out of app store as well. Apps for analytics and MI are usually not listed in app stores and connect to AD to authenticate users and provide information from internal or cloud based data systems. Skills are not in list but we do both native and phonegap based development and if you need examples for specific tasks please let us know.

skills used: CSS, javascript

Complete Embroidery


Wordpress based single page responsive desing. Developed using Bootstrap framework. Great Design by team devoteassociates.

skills used: Html, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Wordpress



Wordpress Responsive Design, sticky menu and great design by team avalanchecreative. Developed using Bootstrap framework.

skills used: Html, jQuery, CSS, Wordpress



Development of Responsive Design for DickinsonPhilips new website. Team Avalanche produced a great design and content to go on new website. Developed using Wordpress HTML,CSS Bootstrap Javascript

skills used: jQuery, Wordpress, Html, CSS



HTML, Wordpress and Database work on most of the sites. Converting Design from PSD to Responsive HTML design and integrating CMS system with it. Server and Hosting Manager

skills used: PHP, Database, jQuery, javascript , SQL, Project Management, MySql, Wordpress, Html, CSS

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