Stevon Ritchie

Freelance programmer


I am a freelance programmer and teacher of programming technologies.

Presently, looking for work using PHP or Javascript, jQuery.


Ulrike Leyens

Create a website for a commercial photographer + custom CMS.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Html, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


Create a template website + bespoke cms system for resale.

skills used: jQuery, PHP, Html

Westminster University

A collection of images created by alumni of Westminster University

skills used: PHP, Html, JavaScript, CSS

Ilan Godfrey

Repair/remove bug and add gallery section to web site. Add / customise the associated cms.

skills used: CSS, javascript , PHP, Html

North Camden Housing Coperative

Rebuild and convert existing buggy ASP+mdb web site into PHP+mysql. Change server. Add and redesign sections to both the members and admin(cms) areas.

skills used: ASP, PHP, MySql, CSS, javascript , jQuery, Html

Westminster University

Build a template website for Photograpy students, which can easily be customised, by changing images n a folder. requires no cms and will run on any server ( not requiring prior knowledge )

skills used: PHP, Html, jQuery, PHP

A Pinkowski


Create a website which incorporates twitter feeds mentioning david cameron and assoc. Allow posts to submitted through site. Monitor word usage and post a ranking list which reflects changing usage. display + allow uploading of images showing interesting facts.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Transfer existing ASP classic web site and mdb database to a new server, upgrade asp to work on server and re-build database as SQL.

skills used: ASP, SQL, Html, CSS, JavaScript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Within Camden.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract