Stewart Christie


I am an all-round Web Developer and Designer with 10 years commercial experience and strong across-the-board skills and experience in many web technologies. My main work has been e-commerce sites developed with a number of technologies including Intershop, osCommerce and a variety of bespoke solutions utilising ASP/FoxPro and PHP/mySQL.


Capital Gardens

Heavily-modified osCommerce site,

skills used: osCommerce, Javascript, E-Commerce, PHP, MySql, Dhtml

W H Everetts

Now owned by Details to follow.

skills used: ASP, Perl, Javascript, E-Commerce, Dhtml, VBScript

This is a project set up by a few ex-Waterstoneï¿œs employees to continue the out-of-print booksearch service which was offered on the site, but they required an almost no-cost solution to start the service.

I have developed a complete site which allows customers to register and then send their booksearch requests to the team. Customers will be able to track their requests and accept or decline the offer when the title has been found. This is completely SQL driven, allowing the team to update search requests through a web-based interface. I am currently looking into an online buying system to further streamline the process.

skills used: Javascript, E-Commerce, PHP, MySql, Dhtml

This client required five separate prices for different types of customer, each of which could be updated independently. Using the product attributes inside Intershop I set up four additional fields for each new currency type and used a combination of TLEï¿œs and the basket Perl API/SSI functions to correctly display and charge at the correct prices throughout the site.

skills used: Perl, Javascript, E-Commerce



After an initial agency involvement in the design of the site we took the project in-house and rebuilt the site from the bottom up. I developed a method of linking Flash files into the Intershop e-commerce backend to retain session information and rethought the category and book searching tools. I redesigned the site with iTV in mind as due to time and cost constraints we had to work with the servers and equipment we had to get this up and running. You can see the result using ITVdigital's ONnet. Using PHP and MySQL I also developed a secure e-voucher facility for corporate customers.

skills used: Perl, Javascript, E-Commerce, PHP, MySql, Dhtml

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