Sundeep Kaur Sahota

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I am a Marketing Advertise Management graduate as such I’m a hardworking individual who is keen to complete any task. I am a strategic person who is much organised and a well presented. I am ambitious and passionate about my career goals in creative role in the Marketing industry but would mainly like to specialise in a creative Marketing role in the fashion and beauty industry as this is what I enjoy doing. I have experience in visual display, because I have gained work experience at George Asda head office. This is where I worked with the George communications team and styled mannequins and created a catwalk for the Grantham Store. I also created a single catwalk for the autumn and winter look. Fashion is my passion and I want to turn it into my future career. I have volunteering at Art core charity as a graphic designer and marketing admin where i took guidelines from the graphic on how to design leaflets as i created leaflets on adobe in design, illustrator and retouched photos on Photoshop however recorded the number of pupil who attended the activity on spreadsheet ,email Christmas party invitations to artist and on their Facebook page I created post about their events coming up.
and I am currently volunteering at Air ambulance as a window dresser and in store. I was given guidelines from the manager on how to style mannequins. I Created outfit for the window display and the theme was hobby. I Styled two mannequins with baby pink polar neck jumper, brown stripe trousers, red & brown grey coat, black grey scarf and long gold necklace. Second look was green floral dress, black grey coat and scarf. Displayed cooking and gardening books. Created a whole outfit which was blue dungaree with a black white stripe top, a red coat sliver chunky necklace ballet pump shoes and a red bag. The message that was communicated wrap up warm and stay stylish this winter for the black board I had to follow guidelines from manager to do this
Displayed stock and tidied gondolas ends
I carried out a 2 months work placement at Investing in the future where i created a Facebook page for own business and boost likes on Facebook. I Carried out research for their business magazine and recorded notes of meeting on Customer relations management however i recorded how businesses frequently use social media and I created two email campaigns on mail chimp Designed a magazine on fashion & beauty on adobe In Design.
I would like a career in creative design, art director and graphic design working in the marketing and advertise industry but how ever i would like to specialise in the fashion industry as Fashion stylist, Image consultant, Wardrobe stylist and personal stylist or shopper, Fashion editor and Fashion photographer. I would also like to go into Fashion visual display for window display, Fashion marketing and Fashion PR.

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