Our general client experience is very broad and with each we learn something new adding to our knowledge base that we can share. Our experience relates to business to business, business to consumer audiences, retail, service, industrial, technology and public sector industries. We believe in creating a synergy with our client base and equally believe they enjoy working with us and much as we do with them.

Technical knowledge and skill set
Integration of database technologies or system integration using software engineering solutions in Unix, Linux or Microsoft (dot Net) environments
- Database build and management
- Bespoke software development
- Web software and system technologies:
- Java, Java Servelets, JSP, PHP, ASP, .net, XML, CGI, HTTP, C/C++,
- SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2,

Mobile: - J2ME, WAP, WML, iPhone Apps

Animation and games:
- Flash – action scripting
- Director 3D – Lingo, Shockwave
- 3d Studio Max
- Web virtual walkthroughs and other visual aids
- Web 3D

Customer relationship management (CRM) software:
- Relationship database integrated with web portal
- Information management
- Marketing communication
- Customer communication
- E-business, eCRM
- Remote updating via field operative’s PDAs

Document management systems
- Document share, search, storage, quarantine and archive

Intranet and extranet
- Brand positioning
- Viral
- E-mail
- Wireless
- On and offline
- Screensavers and other desktop marketing

Search engine management (SEM)
- Site build – Meta tags, titles, site map etc.
- Strategic
- Posting
- Links marketing
- Relationship marketing



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skills used: Advertising, Graphics, Marketing, Web Design, Logo Design, Branding, Project Management, Copywriting, Graphic Design

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Newmarket.
Within Suffolk.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract