Richard Parkins

30 years of software and solutions architecture


I have 15 years of development experience in installed, browser and cloud based services and applications. I can code in many languages for all aspects of IT platforms. I am ideal for greenfield or legacy systems and will take on any aspect of work that you need. I have developed many platforms over the years from websites in PHP and MySQL to fully fledged SPA's backed by cloud based services.

I have worked for many of the major companies in UK, including Tesco, easyjet, Reuters and comparethemarket helping deliver better customer experiences along the way be it in backend or front end customer journeys, take a look at the easyjet seat booking for an example of my work!

I am a developer who delivers and would like the opportunity to help your business succeed, so give me a call or email! thanks for reading.


Worked in Central London at Reuters developing web applications for corporate clients. These encompassed mainly PHP and java but have experience in developing ASP.NET applications. Started a new company in 2003 for every aspect of web services and currently have a large corporate suite of clients ranging from financials to small scale busineses

skills used: ASP.Net, ASP.Net, Java, Java, Java, Java, JSP, JSP, ASP.Net, ASP.Net

Work Flexibility

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Within Spalding.
Within Lincolnshire.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

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