David Lumm

Multi-skilled Developer


It all started with a Sinclair Spectrum and it moved pretty quickly after that. I've been playing with technology for years, programming for a lot of those, but it was after university that I really became a professional developer. I've been freelancing for a lot less time, but I've had a broad experience to back me up.

I've done asset control and call logging systems in Access (that pre-dates my university time), Sage SalesLogix CRM development, web, mobile, desktop and background services. I learn fast and I don't like to say no when I could say "let's try". I'm a problem solver by nature and I don't like to be beaten, but I do know when to ask for help.

Some of my best work is the stuff that's hidden from sight, back-end processes, business logic, integration and automation; but that doesn't mean I'm afraid to get my hands dirty with front-end work either.


Posted by Kat Smith (Director), Iteracy

Written testimonial:
We've been really impressed with David's work - he's reliable, manages his time well, is willing to take the initiative and has all the necessary knowledge and experience to complete everything we've asked of him. Highly recommended.


H Tempest Ltd


Developed the entire backend as a PHP class library (including autoloader) that could be dropped into the front-end PHP Slim project and a separate PHP Slim administration web-app. Worked with the front-end developers and database administrator to make sure everyone had what they needed, whilst streamlining all of the business logic.

skills used: PHP, SQL, SQL Server

Work Flexibility

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Within Burrington.
Within Bristol.
Can telecommute.

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