Michael Langley

uchi design - typesetting - graphic design - web design - creative direction


A highly creative graphic designer, typesetter and web developer. A huge passion for typography, creative direction and brand development. Expertise in graphic design and typesetting for print and web - flyers, logos, brochures, T shirts.

From multilingual car workshop manuals to art direction for fashion, brand design and web development, my work embodies quality, creativity and attention to detail.

I've helped build concepts and brands and continue to deliver on their visual and marketing needs.

Coming from a traditional typesetting background means I'm very comfortable with all DTP software and understand the importance of typography. I love the printed text and this shows in the work that I do. For the past 25 years I've worked commercially in the tech pubs and translation industry as a multilingual typesetter and document engineer and so am well versed in multilingual typesetting, DTP software and publishing standards. I am used to high volume documentation, template design and style-sheets and I love working with InDesign and QuarkXpress. I love typography so much it hurts!

My approach to graphic design has always been to think about the bigger picture, so when building my own clothing line, the concept and the brand's values have always been the starting and ending points. I am exciting about creative direction, the process of realising and building a brand from scratch, including logos, stationary, marketing materials, photography, hand coding the HTML website and online store (these days I use bootstrap, muse, Wordpress and Joomla). Building my own label has increased my skills needed to acquire more creative direction projects. Confidence has never been an issue for me, but I am very realistic in what I can and cannot do.

I am a highly competent typesetter, typographer, graphic designer and web designer who strives to produce excellence in all of my art forms and projects.


Posted by James Kennaby (Musician and youth worker), Knowle West Media Centre and Street Soul Studios

Written testimonial:
Michael is a dedicated, highly creative and conscientious designer who always goes above and beyond to ensure the best results.
Through interaction on the youth music project i run, Michael has listened to the groups and created amazing graphics, responding exactly to the needs of the young people.

On a professional basis, Michael has created a number of original graphic pieces, branding elements and promotional tools for various projects that i have ran. I am always surprised at the speed and level of quality that is produced, and everytime the brief is taken and turned into something more than could ever be anticipated.

I highly recommend using Michael for design work of any form, and will continue to sue his services for many future projects.

Posted by Eva Adeoti (Director), Genuine Translations

Written testimonial:
Michael is a very creative professional with the ability to transform your ideas into great original designs. It's always a pleasure to work with someone so passionate and talented. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Al Hidden (Owner and Copywriter), Al Hidden Copywriter

Written testimonial:
I've known Michael since the late 1990s and worked with him in a variety of capacities: as a co-worker, as a client and as a customer for his inspired Uchi clothing brand. He's an extremely talented, hard-working creative professional, with an eye for delivering what is right for the customer.

Michael cares very much about any project he undertakes and brings his enormous innate creativity and massive industry experience. He's also a very realistic and pragmatic designer, someone with that rare ability to combine soaring creativity and streetwise pragmatism.

He's also a thoroughly decent, very genuine bloke with integrity. That counts for a lot these days.

Posted by Gulsum Ecem Gok (Owner), Fil Blanc

Written testimonial:
Michael is a very talented designer, and great to work with. Very patient and understanding. He has a wide range of work in his portfolio from online shops to album covers. He is always on-time and delivers high-quality work. Definitely recommend working with him for anything related to graphic design especially logo design, branding and web-site design. He can make anything look good, elegant and simple and shows a deep understanding of the project.

Posted by Urfan Ali (Digital Strategist), Urfan

Written testimonial:
Michael creates unique designs that illustrate complex ideas in an accessible and incredibly elegant way. Just as great music reveals new layers of depth and delight with each new listen, so his designs do with each new observation. Michael has created a number of bespoke designs for me and is always a pleasure to work with. He quickly understands requirements and then surpasses expectations on delivery; adding other dimensions that turn my original concepts into pure design magic. I would not hesitate in hiring Michael again.


IX T shirts


IX T shirts is a T shirt company that has simple, but unique designs. A very minimalistic approach to the brand and website was needed to reflect the designs which are intended to have a universal appeal and not be too genre specific given where they are sold offline. As well as T shirt designs, I designed and built the e-commerece website using Wordpress.

skills used: Illustrator, CSS, Photoshop, Branding , Graphic Design, Photoshop, E-Commerce

Karen Kennaby


Karen had an outdated website both in terms of its look and the services she offered. The task was to implement and modify a new Wordpress theme and rearrange structural elements of her site to highlight her main areas of expertise. I had modified her theme and integrated SEO and marketing tools so she could better manage and maintain her services and blog pages and generate new leads.

skills used: CSS, Branding, Wordpress

FruitSalad Photographic Co


As well as web design and web hosting I was asked to design a typeface for this Bristol based photography firm to headline a series of travel posters. The font had to "describe Bristol's historical, industrial and artistic nature whilst remaining elegant and robust".

skills used: Web Design, CSS, PHP, Html, Illustration, E-Commerce, Other

OVER HERE T shirts


Management, branding and development of a new clothing store and e-commerce website and blog.

skills used: Branding, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Web Design, Wordpress, CSS, Graphics, Sales, Management, Project Management

Knowle West Media Centre


XLR Sessions is a Youth Music funded project to help young people to develop skills and confidence in creative ideas far beyond making music. I was asked to give a workshop and follow up sessions on branding creative abilities for their personal and professional development in music. I created a poster to mark the event. Subsequently, I was then asked to help with the development of ideas for a new band's logo and identity, and finally, producing a finished logo.

skills used: Consultancy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding

Genuine Translations


Brand development and web site creation and management.

skills used: Branding, Web Design, Logo Design, Graphics, Wordpress, SEO

The Translation & Legalisation Company


Brand identity and web site creation and management. All marketing materials for print and web and social media management.

skills used: Branding, Graphic Design, Graphics, Joomla, Marketing, Web Design, Html, Logo Design, SEO, Photoshop

Gemini Translations


Helping with the rebranding of a translation company. New logo design, brand identity and web site creation and managment. All marketing materials and social media presence. DTP work for multilingual documents.

skills used: Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, DTP, Html, Photoshop, SEO, Joomla, Wordpress, Graphic Design

uchi clothing co


Conception, brand development and management, web site design and maintenance, marketing and product design. Social media manangement

skills used: Branding, Web Design, DTP, E-Commerce, Marketing, Joomla, Wordpress, Content Writing, Graphic Design, CSS

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Within Bristol.
Can telecommute.

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