Simon Bridgewater


Worked for 20+ years in electronics and programming.

currently working as a web developer designing websites from the ground up.

Mainly using MVC frameworks within the LAMP stack I have developed sites selling made to measure and custom goods that turn over 6M plus.

Designed and created both backend and frontend systems which include ERP and CRM systems

My main skills are MVC(CakePHP),PHP, MYSQL, PERL.

I am looking for freelance work on any of the above.
I am also working on home automation platforms including ZIGBEE.


Lippy Lingerie

Imported the products from a remote XML feed and then transformed them into a suitable import file for the magento importer. Also created script to generate google base feed using scheduled cron jobs.

skills used: SQL, LINUX, PHP


coding of backend systems using cakephp to create ecommerce/shopping cart functionality. created all the css and html along with the jquery scripts for the UI.

skills used: AJAX, Apache, CSS, MySql, PHP, E-Commerce, OO


designed e-commerce solution using cakephp. integrated into sagepay and did all backend and frontend work.

skills used: AJAX, PHP, E-Commerce

Work Flexibility

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Within UK.
Within United Kingdom.

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