Chris Carruthers

WordPress, White Label Outourcing, E-Commerce, UI/UX, Front-end Development, Project Management


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Professional UK Based Freelancer, White Label Developer, UX Architect & Digital Consultant.

I am a freelance consultant / outsource web/wordpress developer and Director at Cult Digital, a UK based White Label Design & Development Agency.

My personal skill set includes:

Web Development
Programming Languages - PHP, CSS, HTML, JS, jQuery, SQL, XML, ASP, AS3, three.js
WordPress Plugin/Theme Development
E-Commerce - Woo / OpenCart
Standards Compliance
Email Marketing
Production Deployment

Digital Media Design
Graphic Design
Website Design
User Interface Design
UX Architecture / Mapping
3D Modelling / Rendering
Environment Design
Concept Art
Photo Correction / Restoration

Project Management
Account Management
Design/Development Team Management
White Label Outsourcing

Skype: white.label.development


Chris Carruthers

skills used: CSS, jQuery, MySql, Photoshop, PHP, Bootstrap, javascript , AJAX, DHTML, Wordpress

Stop The Traffik

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, jQuery, javascript

skills used: PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop, CSS, Html, Bootstrap

Astute Fire

skills used: CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Html

Combe De Merigot

skills used: CSS, Wordpress, Html, PHP, Photoshop, SQL, SEO

Cosmic Pictures

skills used: PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop, CSS, Html, JavaScript

YMCA / Evolve Housing Charity

Hand-coded, Large-scale Responsive Bootstrap Development Project

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery

Morris Armitage

Responsive Front-end / Bootstrap / JS

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, javascript , jQuery, SQL, Bootstrap

Newham Music

Responsive Bootstrap/Wordpress Build

skills used: Html, Bootstrap, CSS, Photoshop, Wordpress, PHP, jQuery


skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, SQL, Bootstrap

Fruition Properties

Hand coded responsive Holding Page.

skills used: Html, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, Photoshop

Photography by Krish

skills used: Wordpress, Photoshop, PHP, SQL, Html, CSS

Franklyn James Estate Agent

Hand-coded Responsive Front-end Web Development Project

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript

South East Cakery

Responsive Frontend/Wordpress Development

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Photoshop

Cult Digital

UX Architecture, Interface Design, Front-end & CMS Development

skills used: jQuery, MySql, Photoshop, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, Graphic Design, Web Design, Wordpress, Logo Design

Sprout Market

Front-end Development for ECommerce, Wordpress Build

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress

Lena Rose Bakery

Respnsive Frontend/Wordpress Development

skills used: CSS, Html, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress


Responsive Single Page Microsite Built with Bootstrap

skills used: Html, CSS

My Trade Status

Responsive Microsite Built With Bootstrap 3.0

skills used: Html, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London / Brighton.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract