Benedito Sales



Posted by Emérico Café Ferreira Júnior (Gerente de Implantação), TECINFO

Written testimonial:
I work with Sales Benedito for some time, he always showed great interest in the problems of colleagues, treating them as if they were a member of your family, because it shows real interest in knowing about their employees. Besides major concern with the team, Benedito Sales takes care that all necessary work is done, cause all the company's main objective is to carry out the work.
The projects managed by Benedito Sales always have good results because he recognizes that he can’t do it by himself, and it depends on the team, so work with him provides a sense of total involvement in the tasks so that when the project is completed we felt that the mission was complete.

Posted by Bruno Hideki (Developer)

Written testimonial:
I worked with him for a little while, but even that has been recently, it was an amazing experience because Benedito Sales is a person of great character and very dedicated to work. He knows a lot about project management. Have very easily to handle the tool "MS Project" and the PMI methodology.

I feel very fortunate to have been part of the team that the manager was Benedito.

Posted by Bene (Manager), Construrban

Written testimonial:
This guy really know what is doing... He domains MS Project, WBS Chart Pro, and others PM´s toos.

It´s great working whit him!!!

Posted by Daniel (Analista de Sistemas), IBM

Written testimonial:
I had a very good experience working with him. His method of work with a group of people is great! Benedito Sales really care about mission and about working people.

He should be director... lol

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