Joseph Babad


I qualified with BSc in Physics and electronics an MSc in computer science and have worked in the software industry for nearly 20 years. I've been in involved with wide range of commercial software projects encompassing various disciplines including oil, transportation, finance, and banking industries. My expertise is in high level design and system architecture and I have specialist experience with database driven web and windows applications. I have worked on a wide range of projects using a variety of languages/tools (Java/J2EE, C#, XML, Oracle, C, UNIX and GUI design) and have successfully introduced new technologies/methods into companies. I have experience of technical team leading, architecture, design, development and high-profile customer support.



Design and development of an EAI application. Worked on architecture and design through to initial development

skills used: J2EE, Software Design, Java, XML, Technical Artchitect


Architecture and design of a J2EE-based application using JBoss, JMS, Struts, Hibernate and Web 2.0 technologies.

skills used: J2EE, Software Design, Java, XML, Oracle, JSP, Technical Artchitect

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Manchester.
Within North West.
Can telecommute.

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