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Hi there. I'm Geoff (or Zippy!)

I have over 28 years experience in the design and publishing industries. I've also recently ventured into websites as I've seen so many horrible ones still out there.

My principal is simple. It's YOUR business and any design, whether print or web, should represent that. I like to get to know about your business so I can understand exactly what you require. I do not use templates. Each design should be as unique as you - it's a personal thing, literally.

From business identity through to complete newspapers and magazines. If your website needs a freshen, let's talk. I don't claim to do big, flashy sites with e-commerce etc. My aim is based on design being clean, crisp, easy to understand and attractive to potential customers.

Feel free to look at my own website and contact me on there or via here.

Take care out there!



Brighton Lanes Apartments

Was contacted to rescue a truly awful "designed" website. I visited the apartments myself and created their new site to match the class and character of what was being offered. The client was overwhelmed how it was done along with adding wording and features which they had not thought about.

skills used: Photoshop, Web Design, Creative Writing, Graphic Design

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