Zahid Khan


Six year United State Professional experience in Software Development and managing Projects. Experienced in defining and assisting in the delivery of web-based and client-server technology solutions that meet business needs, utilizing C#, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, .NET, ADO, Visual Basic, CSS, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Photoshop, Macromedia and T-SQL with SQL Server technologies. Expertise in full project life cycle development, from initial feasibility analysis and design through development, implementation, testing and customer satisfaction. Leading the successful architectural design of Web systems utilizing ASP/COM/N-tier Technology. Hands on Experience in designing, implementing and troubleshooting Windows NT and Windows 2000 networks. Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills, able to work with diverse personalities at all levels of executives, staff, and customers. Great knowledge of Computer Hardware, issues, technologies and ERP systems

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Within Mulgrave.
Within Victoria.
Within Australia.
Would temporarily relocate.
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Can telecommute.

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