VR / gaming / Oculus / Gear expert with imagination sought!

posted on 18th June 2017
applications received 1
budget A few thousand but to be discussed.

I have a very specific plan to put on an art exhibition in a 'real' chapel, only under the mask we see it all thanks to a genius moodmaker who knows his Unreal 4 Engine inside out and wants to recreate a charred, flooded twilight zone whereby my art is 100 images bobbing on the water... telekenesis means I can inspect the prints and toss them back or arrange them on the walls and save them... I love the Gear and controller. I'd love to try Oculus Rift with backpack but for my first project '200 reflections' by Visugasm I want to keep ambition high and budget low. Parallax 3D rather than real 3D. 360 rotational but want to diaxuss this in very critical detail ao good English and no agencies, no project manager, JUST the 3D / gaming / VR guy who wants to earn money but especially push the boundaries with an experienxe that is poetic, unsettling and stunningly convincing. Binaural sound just as important for ultrabelievable atmosphere.

All applicants must be based in the UK and confirm that they are eligible to live and work in the UK.

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