Solr schema extension and optimisation

posted on 7th August 2017
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The situation so far
We have created a schema for Solr and manually uploaded it to zookeeper for use in production. We made the schema by taking the default example schema and adding the fields and fieldTypes we needed in the schema.xml. We have left the solrconfig.xml almost entirely untouched.
We have three collections per tenant of our software (Each tenant has independent data and so should have separate collections). We use two of those collections to perform two separate types of query for the products that we store in our system. We use the third to search the content within those products as a secondary query.
We are making collections by calling the collections API during our deployment process. We have made a start at a mechanism for querying one collection whilst writing to another but it is not currently functional.
What we need
• We need to extend our schema to include additional fields for tags on a product.
• We need to be able to configure synonyms for all fields on the fly through the administration section of our site (would need to be sent to solr via API).
• Advise on multi-word synonyms.
• Help us with the versioning of our schemas and seamless deployment of schema changes into production.
What would be nice to have
• Re-examine our schemas to optimize and standardize.

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