Web app for managing email opt in/out ASP.NET MVC and WebAP

posted on 7th August 2017
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The situation so far
We have a software platform on which we host multiple tenants who use the software to deliver their research reports (and other content) to their customers. We have recently acquired a new large client that has an external system for sending out emails containing summaries of the research they are creating. They would like to expose an interface within our platform to configure opt in and out of these emails plus a drop-down selection of what type of content the customer is most interested in.
We will be able to open this new interface in an iframe and we will be able to host it in IIS on windows server. The new client has an authentication server using SAML 2.0 which should be used to authenticate the user before displaying the options. The new client will be listening for messages on our RabbitMQ instance which they will use to configure their system that sends out the emails.
What we need
• An ASP.NET MVC application that displays a list of opt-in/opt-out options for a set of emails and a drop-down selection of what types of content should be sent in the emails.
• The application should authenticate with a SAML 2.0 server before displaying the page.
• The application should call REST APIs on iReports to determine which email options should be displayed.
• The application should send messages on RabbitMQ when the user submits new preferences.
• The application should expose REST APIs to allow the same preferences to be changed on behalf of a user.
Technology proficiencies required
• ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI preferably with C#
Nice to have technology proficiencies
• SAML 2.0
• RabbitMQ

All applicants must be based in the UK and confirm that they are eligible to live and work in the UK.

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