Code template needed for file access in Phonegap / Cordova

posted on 21st December 2017
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budget £50 total budget


I still need a base Phonegap template developing to illustrate file IO using Cordova file/file transfer, however what I need is:-

1) When running as an app on a device, access the dataDirectory folder (on Android or iOS) - so a file will/can be downloaded using file transfer and saved into the folder on the devices file system.

2) List/display all files in the the folder - even just as console.log will be fine.

3) I must be able to access downloaded and saved files using the cdvfile protocol - e.g. for an img src

4) Upload a file from the same folder on the device to a live webserver - a PHP file upload script could be used for this.

General notes:-
1) The files uploaded/downloaded need to be different types - e.g. image, video, mp3

2) To remind, I need a working template file ZIP'd or whatever then I should be able to run from my PC using phonegap serve and test it fully working for me.



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