Ehab El Maraghy

Html, Frontpage, Database, Flash, Photoshop, Javascript, PHP, Perl, MySql
@ Cairo, Egypt
Last Active: 17th January, 2017

I have gained my experience through self studing including programing packages like PHP etc. I have designed several websites the only one which is still working is a one that i have designed to a company working in courier services

Earl L. Wiese, Jr.

Content Writing, Html, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Editing, Management, Proofreading, Javascript, Freehand, Perl
@ Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America
Last Active: 16th January, 2017

Over 25 years of proven performance in computer service, programming, system design, customer training, graphic arts, graphic design, and web page development. Skilled in developing curriculum and delivering courses in computer application software, statistical methods, quality philosophies, and basic mathematics. Programming experience in: PDP 8/11 and MC6800 machine language, 8080 and Z80 assembly languages, Basic, Pascal, dBase II & III+. HTML, and JAVA Script. Experienced in the deployment ...

Steve Williams

Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, UNIX, PHP, ASP, Perl, Dhtml, CGI
@ Liverpool, North West, United Kingdom
Last Active: 13th January, 2017

Creating fresh dynamic websites that are both user friendley for the user to browse and the client to maintain.

Neil Merrick

Flash, SQL, Director, Html, Dhtml, Perl, VBScript, ASP, Javascript, PHP
@ Brentford, Greater London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 13th January, 2017

I worked for a company for 18 months developing flash and shockwave games for the internet. Also built perl based backends for these games and wrote a contact management system in Perl. I have run my own website for over 4 years which is build on html, perl and mysql.

Matthew Browning

Perl, Database, CGI, MySql, SQL, Html, LINUX, Apache, Javascript, XML
@ Teignmouth, South West, United Kingdom
Last Active: 13th January, 2017

Educated academically, corporate trained and constantly self-trained. Experience is gained through over six years commercial software development, two of which were in the Public Sector. Specialise in backend web solutions, data transformations and database migration, standards compliance and object-oriented programming.

Manish Bhavsar

Oracle, Flash, Perl, JSP, UNIX, C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, VB
@ Pune, India, India
Last Active: 13th January, 2017

Total 10 years of relevent IT experience. Worked in almost all the languages. Technical expertise level is quite high.


XSLT, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Perl
Last Active: 10th January, 2017

Technical skills
Front-end: JavaScript (AJAX, JSON, DOM)
XML subformats: XHTML, HTML5, SVG and other
Transformation of XML: XSLT, XSL FO
Back-end: PHP, Perl, XQuery
Data storages: MySQL, SQLite, Marklogic
Semantic data: RDF, SKOS

I can make XML to PDF converter script.

Stack of XML technologies
Back-end and UI development
Data storages development
Architecture, Algorithms, High Performance

Gregory Brown

PHP, Html, Dhtml, Flash, Photoshop, MySql, Javascript, Perl, VB
@ Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Last Active: 7th January, 2017

I have been working with web-centered development since 1997. I've specializaed in programming. Be it for client side or server side functions

Geraint Edwards

UNIX, Perl, CGI, SQL, Html, PHP, E-Commerce, Apache, C, XML
@ Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Last Active: 7th January, 2017

Over 20 years commercial experience. Over 15 freelance. Reliable, friendly, thorough.


Html, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Perl
@ Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
Last Active: 7th January, 2017

I am a young but very enthusiastic web developer, I am currently on a course that covers all the important requirements to be a professional web design manager. I can pick anything new up and learn fast.


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