Link to the Freelancers Network are aiming to be a household name amongst all freelancers and throughout the organisations that hire them. The more people that know about us the better a service we will provide to both freelancers and hirers, and that's good for everyone!

To this end, we would like to encourage as many people as possible to link to the site. If you are a freelancer you might think anything that links from your own site to a directory of other freelancers might not be a good idea. But think about it - if someone comes across your page while they are looking for someone with different skills, then when they see one of our icons on your page they will know where they can find you again when something more suitable comes up.

So why not put one of the following two icons on your page. The "find me again" icon is for individuals, and the "find us again" is for freelancers or contractors who operate as a company.
Find me again on the Freelancers Network
Find us again on the Freelancers Network
We have the banner ad at the top of this page for anyone wishing to display that on their site.

Also, why not add your Freelancers Network URL to your email signature. It lets people know (who might not otherwise) that you are a freelancer when, for example, you post to a newsgroup.

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions as to how we can further get our message across to our target groups of freelancers and organisations that use freelancers, please contact us with your ideas. Please bear in mind though that we are a non-commercial organisation with no advertising budget.