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Carolina Soto (1 more testimonial to see)

It has been a pleasure working alongside with Carolina. I really appreciate she interviewed me and choosed me to work in Gamesys and I'm so grateful for the great training she provided me. She is not only an amazing designer, she has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. She is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes her a great asset to any company
Posted by Mariano Barnes (Graphic Designer), Gamesys

Pam Vick (5 more testimonials to see)

I had engaged the services of Pam Vick at my previous business and had a strong base of experience of working with her. For the establishment of the new enterprise I involved Pam from the first day of planning. This has allowed me to utilise her skills and experience to shape the feel and brand of the business but to do so without feeling that I am having to take responsibility for every single decision - I am able to trust significant parts of the decision making process to her with the comfort of knowing that she fully understands the direction of travel that the business and I am on.

All this aside, it was her proven record of driving new customers to my business that first made me engage with Pam. Even when we were learning and experimenting there has not been a single quarter in 3 years where the return on capital (plus my own time at opportunity cost) has not broken into profit.
Posted by Adam Neal (Managing Director), Stonehill Financial

Paul Wood (2 more testimonials to see)

I worked alongside Paul as a developer at Comic Relief. His ideas were fresh and his understanding of the digital medium pleasingly refreshing. Top quality design and innovation.

Paul has also done several photoshoots with my band both gigging and in-studio and has always been a confident director of photography and has managed to capture some interesting and original angles. A pleasure to work with. The results speak for themselves.

Posted by Rob Cochran (Lead Developer / Actor), Comic Relief / Propel Band

Blair Carrick

Blair has been instrumental in building our Medsmart brand, ranging from logo creation to app screen development as well as our website. We are particularly happy with our recent company website that has received a lot of praise. He is an excellent person to work with and he understands our business needs as well as brings his own expertise to the table. I highly recommend Blair for both a personable and professional approach to his design work.
Posted by Ifigenia Temesio (Business Development Manager), Talking Medicines

Mark Williams

Mark constructed Stallfinder.com as you see it today, bringing together multiple elements of web design including creative, content management, search engine and many bespoke features that enable our business to operate extremely efficiently. He is always enthusiastic, helpful and works hard to understand the business behind the site in order to deliver the best solution.
Posted by Shaun O'Brien (Director), Stallfinder

Kevin Bond (2 more testimonials to see)

We have worked with Kevin Bond for over 15 years now for all of our graphics (including branding / logos) and illustrated presentations... he has consistently turned in great work and made a serious contribution to our look, style, body of work and ultimate sales success..

Whatever we ask Kevin for. it always seems it CAN be done. And if we forget to ask, he usually does it anyway!

We recommend him.
Posted by Stuart Radnofsky (Director), Project 100 Communications Ltd

Glen Edwards (1 more testimonial to see)

Wow. Just wow. Reliable, skilled, professional, friendly and a fab communicator. What more can you ask for?

Posted by Karine (Project manager), Larineka.com

Peter (4 more testimonials to see)

PurplePanda quickly solved a problem other contractors were not able to solve and did it at a good price, on time and with excellent communication. I definitely plan to use PurplePanda again in the future.
Posted by Steve, vLegaci - saasdaas.com

Shayne House (6 more testimonials to see)

Whenever I need someone with technical skills that match their creative thinking, I call on Shayne. He's a rare find - someone who knows how to create impactful, quality work, with sound strategic thinking behind it. Not to mention his can-do attitude, professional approach and general positive outlook. Always a pleasure.
Posted by Clare Howdle (Partner, ), Stranger Collective

Justin Fevrier (1 more testimonial to see)

Justin was able help our business when we were in need of a website that would be easily accessible to our consumers but would still be in line with the company brand. Not only was he able to deliver an efficient service in a timely manner but he and his team also exceeded all our epxectations. This has resulted in us growing our business further in a very short space of time. I certainly look forward to working with him again in the near future.
Posted by Masamba Tamankueno (Director), Saint Roue