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Ben Fidge (3 more testimonials to see)

I have been dealing with Ben now over 5 years and in this time I have required his services from consultancy to managing projects from concept to fruition, I have found Bens advise to be incisive and abreast with current trends as well as producing a product that is both highly functional and efficient and of the highest quality

I am confident that Ben will be an asset to any organisation and would whole heartedly recommend his services

Mr A Michael
Posted by Mr A michael (Propriotor), West Bank Guest House , A D A C Investments

Paul Taylor (4 more testimonials to see)

Paul Taylor worked for BBA Insurance as a software developer from February 2017 to August 2017. He has now completed the first two stages of a three-stage product development cycle. The first two stages have produced a fully operational operations/management system for our insurance brokerage. Paul’s responsibilities included requirements gathering, analysis and design of the Web application and the selection of tools to develop the application.

Paul proved himself to be a dependable and dedicated worker with solid problem solving and technical skills. His advice throughout the development has been invaluable. During the project, we have had very few delays, despite a significant degree of “mission creep”.
Throughout the project Paul communicated effectively and regularly with us, ensuring that at no stage did we feel a lack of project control.
The finished application works well and meets all our development requirements.

The first two stages of our application are now fully operational and Paul has been quick to respond to any bugs that we have found. It will probably be next year before we have the budget for the third and final stage of our development program and we will certainly be looking for Paul’s development skills at that time.

Posted by John Beckett (Director), Bothwell Bridge Associates Ltd

Farrukh Subhani

Farrukh is a very proficient developer who always provides the highest level of service to all projects sent his way

Pricing is affordable and turnaround time as per the jobs requirements

Highly recommended
Posted by daniel clarke (creative director), devote associates

Dean Fetzer

Top bloke does what it says on the can
Posted by Paul Cunningham (Head Jaffa), Biscuit Ceramic Cafe

ruth turner (3 more testimonials to see)

Having worked with Ruth for well over 10 years, she has proven to be without doubt reliable, diligent, punctual, accurate, knowledgeable... you get the idea. Although working freelance she's like one the staff / team even keeping me informed about holidays and time off - crucial when working to deadlines etc. I would thoroughly recommend Ruth to anyone considering engaging in her services.
Posted by Duncan Goble (Publisher), Harque Ltd.

Expert Coders (1 more testimonial to see)

Great resource, excellent skills, good communication, and hardly any back and forth. I liked Pradip so much that I am currently using him on other projects. Thanks!
Posted by chandresh (owner), satyaloktechnologies

Rich Gray

Rich Gray has been my right-hand man in creating and managing my website since 2009. Oakleafbooks.se, which he has created is a database for new books of which the data and images are cumulatively added each week. When I set out to begin the business, I contacted many computer engineers but they were all unable to build the website as it was very complex. Rich was able to create the database and website and deliver in time. Maintenance, cost control and updates have solely been handled by Rich, after consultative meetings. We recently (October 2012)migrated to a new server, and Rich handled the migration and setup without a hitch. The migration reduced our costs and we gained because it is a much faster server than the previous one. Rich is also prompt in responding to work. As soon as we decide to make new developments, Rich implements them very quickly, usually the same day! When creating a website, Rich also takes economic aspects of the business into consideration, which, of course, is a great advantage to your business venture. I recommend Rich to anybody who is looking for a committed professional computer engineer and/or web-designer. If you want results and high class work, get Rich Gray!!!
Posted by Susa Eklow (Managing Director), Oakleaf Books & Library Consultancy (www.oakleafbooks.se)

Guy Dub (1 more testimonial to see)

I hired guy to create a site design, a banner for our site and to help with our graphic work...

I don't trust anyone else with my graphic work because of Guy, no one comes close to the greatness of his work. He's reLly spoiled me and raised what I expect.

If you're considering hiring guy, ask yourself this first: "Do I want more money and a better brand?" If the answer is yes, hire Guy Dub.
Posted by Adil Amarsi (Head of creative marketing and CEO), Words that sell inc. Ltd

Amber Heyman-Valchanov

Amber will go out of her way to make things work, she is persistant, very good at playing with words and writing newsletter that people read, and her graphic designs are pieces of art.
Posted by Sarah (Owner), marketing solutions

Kevin Bond (2 more testimonials to see)

We have worked with Kevin Bond for over 15 years now for all of our graphics (including branding / logos) and illustrated presentations... he has consistently turned in great work and made a serious contribution to our look, style, body of work and ultimate sales success..

Whatever we ask Kevin for. it always seems it CAN be done. And if we forget to ask, he usually does it anyway!

We recommend him.
Posted by Stuart Radnofsky (Director), Project 100 Communications Ltd