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Gaurav Kanwar

I have worked with Gaurav for years. He helped our company with coding often complex functionality into our .NET web application for the printing industry. Unlike my work with other programmers-freelancers, communication with Gaurav was never a problem. He is not only able to follow written specifications accurately, but on several occasions even suggested modifications that improved the code, functionality or usability of the application. I am looking forward to hire him again for work on my projects and recommend the same to other employers.
Posted by Alexander Zatko (Product manager), OnPoint Marketing

Lydia Berman

I constantly value Lydia's input into our creative brand and visual ID. Not only is she bursting with ideas, she has a knack for taking your design and brand challenges, and finding practical solutions to them. Her designer's eye and years of branding experience helped establish us as a start-up and has since guided our evolution as a brand.
Posted by Genevieve Brading (Owner), Floss & Mischief

Adeel Khan (1 more testimonial to see)

Abdul with his experience in NopCommerce has been instrumental in successfully integrating an e-commerce solution to our existing website as well as a new payment gateway. Since the new e-commerce development Abdul has been assisting us with regular updates and general website maintenance.
I would definitely recommend Abdul to anyone for his experience and professionalism.

Posted by Nando (Marketing Manager), Nalishop

Sven Shaw (5 more testimonials to see)

I have worked with Sven on a number of interactives and seen his work throughout our museum. His work is creative, entertaining, informative and can often get the message across on several levels. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented individual.
Posted by Lee Smith (Gallery Maintenance Technician), National Media Museum

Emily Garner (2 more testimonials to see)

Emily Garner knows hers job very well. She helped me on few challenging projects and their attention to detail is remarkable. Another big asset is her flexibility that helped us meet our deadlines. A stringent quality processes were followed that ensures best quality software is delivered on time.
Posted by Noah Gill, Hi Tech Technologies

Cairine Chandler

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cairine to anyone who needed to use her skills. She is extremely thorough in what she does and makes sure she captures all your needs and requirements and does a brilliant job in delivering what you need.
Posted by Sue Shields (Managing Director ), Thelavenderhouse

Helen Barlow (1 more testimonial to see)

Helen has provided a professional service for the branding of my Fine Art prints. I requested gift tags, branded labels and logos for my Fine Art Print tubes - its so great to see the whole product come together with the help of Helens graphic design skills. My Fine Art prints get shipped all over the world and I happy that they look great wherever they are sent around the globe.
Posted by Clare Haxby (Owner), CLARE HAXBY ARTIST

Carl Howe

A Great all rounder with a wealth of Creative experience. Everything from traditional marker pen Concepts to expert use of the Mac and Photography.
Personable, can fit in with anyone, hard working and conscientious. A great team player but also has the confidence to work independently if required.
An assets to any Creative department
Posted by Bernadette Thorley (Production Manager), Aylesworth Fleming

Darren Rungasamy (2 more testimonials to see)

Darren's illustrations for the Retro Rides Gathering for the last five years have become iconic and intrinsically tied to our brand (adverts, tickets, posters, Tshirts, website, everything now has some aspect of Darren's illustrations). Always quality, always delivered in a timely manner, fantastic to deal with in all regards. I literally cannot recommend Darren enough.
Posted by David Muphy (Director), Retro Rides Gathering Ltd

Ed Villalobos

I have known Ed for 11 years and worked with him for 10. His work always impressed me how he can take my basic ideas and turn them into magic in graphic display. He worked up minor and major displays and atractive fliers. I miss his work since he left Bakersfield and only wish that he would return as I still have many projects I would like to work with Ed on.
Posted by Frank (Supervisor), Kern County