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Kevin Bond (2 more testimonials to see)

We have worked with Kevin Bond for over 15 years now for all of our graphics (including branding / logos) and illustrated presentations... he has consistently turned in great work and made a serious contribution to our look, style, body of work and ultimate sales success..

Whatever we ask Kevin for. it always seems it CAN be done. And if we forget to ask, he usually does it anyway!

We recommend him.
Posted by Stuart Radnofsky (Director), Project 100 Communications Ltd

Gareth Conway

Gareth ticks all the boxes; he is a highly skilled illustrator, with an intuitive grasp of what the client demands. He works quickly and affordably. Would definitely recommend him.

Srdjan (1 more testimonial to see)

Odradio je nekoliko poslova za nas: webstranicu, nekoliko logoa i imam samo riječi hvale za njega.

Poslove je sve završio na vrijeme i u roku, ima osjećaj za dizajn i najvažnije od svega ima dobrih ideja.

Svakako preporučujem.
Posted by Dražen Živković (client)

Andrew Evans (1 more testimonial to see)

Andrew and the team provided us with a complete e-commerce package in record time. They were very patient and full of ideas, would definitely recommend.
Posted by Tom Evans (Director), Replica shirts

Renzo Salvador (1 more testimonial to see)

He is a very professional and passionate person who has an excellent eye for good and modern design. He quickly get the idea of what you want and knows how to do it. It doesn't only looks great but works efficiently in terms of web development.
I'm very pleased with the overall work.
Posted by Abigail Roca Diaz (Manager), Natursite

Andre Armacollo Freelance Web Designer (2 more testimonials to see)

My website is exactly what I was looking for! It has a slick and modern layout. I have already recommend Andre to quite a few friends.
Posted by Valeria Aleksandrova (Founder & Freelance Stylist), Valeria Aleksandrova Styling

Peter Graham (1 more testimonial to see)

I must say that all the work you and your team has done for Home James over the last three and a half years has been first class, from the initial setting up of our site, constant calls to reassure us and guide us to what we feel and our customers have said is a great site.

I, as you know, have not a great knowledge on the subject of site maintenance but with yourself and your team only a phone call away I was confident I could count on you to put things right when I messed up,for this I thank you,and look forward to you being there for years to come.

I would genuinely be delighted to recommend Net Island and the team. Excellent to work with ever talented, always helpful and incredibly reliable ‘when we need them’ people. Everything is done with a friendly manner too and that makes quite a difference these days.

Seriously, what more can you ask?
Posted by Mike Weadock (Company Owner), Home James Cars

Ed Villalobos

I have known Ed for 11 years and worked with him for 10. His work always impressed me how he can take my basic ideas and turn them into magic in graphic display. He worked up minor and major displays and atractive fliers. I miss his work since he left Bakersfield and only wish that he would return as I still have many projects I would like to work with Ed on.
Posted by Frank (Supervisor), Kern County

Steph O'Brien

Steph has the ability to reassure and explain often complex digital solutions to anyone… his personality and manner is what makes Steph successful as well as his unswerving desire to deliver industry leading work, onetime and on budget.
Posted by Simon Dunn (Creative)

Chris Cook (1 more testimonial to see)

I've worked with Chris for several years on a number of varied projects; he is very professional and reliable and I am happy to recommend him.
Posted by Caroline Watson (MD), Firewhacker Design