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Jade C

Jade approached me with wanting to write an interview about my dance experience and plans for the future career wise, she was very professional in her approach and was very trusty worthy from the go. She was very efficient in her blog, she didn't twist my words and was very complimentary about my work. Jade got the work done quickly and it's clear she is a very creative person looking at her writing and how she has designed her blog, finding the right balance between professionalism and her own personal touch.

I highly recommend working with her! Thank you Jade!

Joseph Mannion
Posted by Joseph Mannion (Choreographer), Allegiant Dance Theatre

ruth turner (3 more testimonials to see)

Working with Ruth it is obvious that she is very experienced in her field. In addition to this she is proffessional, creative and very reliable, working well under pressure.
Posted by Julie McDougal (Owner/therapist), Bowen Therapy at The Lodge

Neil Bowen

Handled Neil's work over a period of approximately 25 years. In this area Neil stood out in the trade due to his high standards, professionalism and research into the company/client he was engaged with. His skill and eye for detail in design together with his marketing experiencing made him rather exclusive. Works outside the box, honest, loyal but what's also unique about Neil is that he will be completely open whether the idea will work or not. A rarity in this trade.
Posted by Martin Kin-Cleaves (former Managing Director), former Spectrum Pre Print Limited

Paul Taylor (4 more testimonials to see)

Paul has been on hand and fantastic from the first call to today where he is still working alongside us enhancing and fixing various areas of our website which turned out to be much more complex than we had first imagined after being let down by the previous developers.

His communication skills are top notch explaining all aspect of the changes when fault finding and developing new areas of the site.

His in-depth knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML and CSS has proven invaluable on a daily basis to spot problems, resolve these and enhance our website and making it functioning and usable for all.

We would highly recommend Paul for any project be it short term or long term.
Posted by Tristan Bacon (Technical Director), Redhot Webcam Solutions Ltd

Jennie Worthy

I have on many occasions relied on Jennie Worthy's expertise in with building and management within the industry. She has always come up trumps which has sometimes been an arduous journey.

Thank you Jenny for your commitment, professionalism and of course your wonderful artistic eye for design.


Peter Canacott

Posted by Peter Canacott (Sales Director), Ontrack Solutions

Neil Henry (2 more testimonials to see)

Neil is a consummate professional. He is a talented writer, skilled editor and an excellent manager. When it comes to producing content for the web he offers the complete package from SEO to copy writing to promotion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Posted by Simon Hill (Creative Director), Rock The Deadline

ruth turner (3 more testimonials to see)

Ruth is a true professional, very thorough, great communicator and it is obvious that she is very experienced in the trade as she has in-depth knowledge of all the industry leading hardware and applications.
She also seems to work very well under pressure and always meets deadlines which in this industry is vital.
Posted by Stephen Rivers (Manager), Rivers Media Services Ltd

Carolina Soto (1 more testimonial to see)

It has been a pleasure working alongside with Carolina. I really appreciate she interviewed me and choosed me to work in Gamesys and I'm so grateful for the great training she provided me. She is not only an amazing designer, she has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. She is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes her a great asset to any company
Posted by Mariano Barnes (Graphic Designer), Gamesys

BeOnline Solutions (Freelancers Team)

Helped me out on a couple of projects when I needed extra man power. Got the jobs done successfully.
Posted by Pippa (Software Engineer), Etempa Solutions

Rob Deacon (1 more testimonial to see)

I would recommend Rob Deacon to you without reservation.

I have known him for the past three years in his capacity of website design and management for our Archbishops' Project in Wisbech.

Rob is extremely competent in contemporary computer technology with his encyclopaedic knowledge of this field. He had been extremely sensitive to our needs and his work had been exemplary. He is a great team player and we have enjoyed working with him.

I wish him all the very best in whatever work he seeks to engage in the future.


Father Paul John Francis West SSC
Parish Priest and Artistic Director
SS Peter and Paul, Wisbech
Love Lane
Wisbech Cambs. PE13 1HP
01945 580375
Posted by Father Paul West (Parish Priest and Artistic Director of Archbishops' Council Project in Fenland), Church of England